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Making an Individual Grant Application

Filling Out a Form

Who Can Apply

We welcome applications from people who are experiencing difficult circumstances. This may be because of low income or poor health.

Most applications will be for an amount under £500. However, in particular circumstances the Trustees will consider requests for more than this amount.

To be able to apply you must:

  • live within our area of benefit (see our map to check if you qualify)

  • have lived in the area of benefit for at least 6 months (this does not necessarily have to have been at the same address)

  • be living in permanent accommodation

  • have been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK


You will not be able to apply if you:

  • are planning to move out of our area of benefit

  • have been awarded a grant within the last two years

  • have received 3 grants in the past

What can be applied for?

You can make an application for the purchase of a specific item or service. We do not make grants to:

  • pay for general living costs

  • pay off debts

  • buy floor coverings of any type (unless there are very exceptional circumstances)

  • buy non-essential items


Most applications will be for an amount under £500. However, in particular circumstances the Trustees will consider requests for more than this amount.

How to apply

  • Request an application form by emailing or by completing our Pre - application questionnaire form

  • Complete the application form answering all sections as fully as possible

  • Your application will need a sponsor. This must be a person who, in a professional capacity, provides you with support, has knowledge of your situation and is willing to be involved throughout the grant process.

  • Post your completed application form with all supporting documents to the Charity’s office

When will my application be considered?

Our Grants Panel meets eight times a year to consider applications from individuals for under £500.

The next application deadline is:

Applications must be received by no later than 12 noon on the closing date. Any applications received after the deadline will be automatically rolled forward to the next round.

The full list of application deadlines and meeting dates in 2024 are as follows.

19th July 2024

Application deadlines for £500 and under

Application Deadline

31st May 2024

19th July 2024

30th August 2024

18th October 2024

15th November 2024


Meeting Date (Decision taken)

18th June 2024

6th August 2024

17th September 2024

5th November 2024

3rd December 2024


Applications for over £500

Trustees will occasionally consider applications for over £500 for specialist medical or therapeutic equipment and for essential building repairs or installations for owner occupiers where disability requires alteration/works.

For these the decision process is two stage and the closing dates for submission of applications in 2024 are as follows.

Application Deadline

19th July 2024

18th October 2024

Meeting Date (Decision taken)

21st August 2024

27th November 2024

For Further Information

You can email an enquiry to or complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page. If you would like to talk to someone, please call us on 0118 304 9369.

£500 and under
Over £500
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