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COVID-19 Update: 3rd September 2020

The Earley Charity is continuing to work to support local charitable organisations and individuals in need in our area of benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our office remains closed so all grant enquiries should be made by email to

NEW: COVID-19 Support Fund

The Trustees have set up a new small grants programme to help organisations serving our area of benefit transition to new ways of working and support post-lockdown relaunch or other COVID-19 linked expenditure.  A fund of £40,000 is available for grants of up to a maximum £2,000.

The aim of this fund is to help organisations respond to the immediate needs of relaunching or adapting their service and activities following lockdown.  Grants can be used to offset costs including those associated with implementing preventative measures such as physical barriers and screens, PPE and bulk purchase of sanitising products; buying equipment; consultancies to assist with relaunch activities; training of trustees, volunteers or staff and developing marketing materials to promote relaunch or changes to service or activity.

Further details of how to apply can be found on the Applying for a Grant page.

Grants to organisations

In our update of the 26th June we announced that due to the continuing uncertainty around investments caused by the pandemic, Trustees have reluctantly decided no new applications from organisations for major grants can be accepted during 2020.

Existing grant-holders

We wish to reassure our partners that all existing grant commitments will be met, in respect of future funding for Earley Charity Workers and in respect of grants awarded but not yet paid, provided that the conditions of the grant have been complied with.

Existing grant-holders whose work has been affected by the pandemic may apply for a review of the conditions or the timing of the grant, and may expect a sympathetic and flexible response from the Charity.

Grants to Individuals

The Individual Grants Programme remains open to applications from individuals in need living in our area of benefit.  All applications must be supported by a sponsor who is able to give full and committed support to the applicant throughout the process.  Full details of our individual grants programme can be found on the Applying for a Grant page.

We can be contacted by email 

The Earley Charity is a local grant-making charity serving Earley and east Reading. Its history goes back some 300 years.  We make grants to local individuals in need and to voluntary and community organisations which work in our area of benefit

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