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Current Focus – Support for Older People

From time to time the Trustees select an aspect of the Charity’s objects on which they will focus. Currently their focus is on older people.

The Trustees are concerned that many older people become isolated and experience loneliness. They would like to be able to fund projects and programmes that will work to alleviate this situation.

Our Community Development Worker, is working with the older community to develop programmes and projects which will:

  • enhance physical well being
  • encourage the take up of exercise and sport
  • improve mobility
  • stimulate cultural enjoyment
  • increase learning opportunities
  • encourage ongoing learning

We are liaising with existing providers in the voluntary, public and private sectors with a view to commissioning work through these organisations to provide activities and services to deliver the above.

What do we want to fund?

During the course of this focus we will be looking at different aspects that affect older people.

To start with we are concentrating on the transport issues that are faced by the elderly within our area of benefit. We would like to work with organisations to improve the transport options for older people, particularly those who are restricted in what activities they take part in because of a lack of appropriate transport.

Exercise is another key objective. We would like to provide funding to extend the opportunities for exercise among the over 55s within our area of benefit. So again we are looking to work with organisations that are able to provide a range of activities in a variety of environments.

Following that we will be looking at intergenerational projects to help improve understanding between the generations and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills.

Who do we want to work with?

We are interested to work with organisations from all sectors that provide support and services to the older community. If you work with older people or are interested in the issues that affect older people (particularly the ones outlined above) please contact our Community Development Worker by telephone on 0118 975 5663 or email


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Recently funded

Under this programme we have already awarded grants to:

  • Able & Active Friends
  • Sangam Lunch Club
  • Albert Road Day Centre
  • ACE

What is Community Development?

The key purpose of community development work is to collectively bring about social change and justice, by working with communities to:

  • identify their needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities;
  • plan, organise and take action;
  • evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the action all in ways which challenge oppressions and tackle inequalities.

'Communities' can be defined geographically and/or by interest. Community development starts from the premise that within any community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, results in high levels of participation and can be channelled into collective action to achieve the communities' desired goals.

Community development workers work alongside people in communities, build relationships with key people and organisations to facilitate the identification of common concerns and help build autonomous groups. They create opportunities for non-formal learning, which will help to increase the capacity of communities. By enabling people to act together, community development workers help to foster social inclusion and equality. Education and training needs are based on core values and processes characterised by autonomy of individuals and groups, change and development, justice and equality, collective action and skills of participatory learning.

Community development workers support individuals, groups and organisations in this process on the basis of certain values and practice principles.

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